How Can You Look Younger With Blepharoplasty?

The eye area is one of the first areas to begin to show the signs of aging. When a person’s eyelids begin to droop and they develop bags under their eyes, it can be difficult for them to feel confident in their appearance. Thankfully, there are procedures that can be carried out on the eye area to reduce the signs of aging. This information seeks to inform individuals of what they can expect from laser blepharoplasty.

What Can Patients Expect?

In the past, the only option for overcoming the signs of aging around the eyes was for a patient to go under the knife. This meant incisions, stitches, and longer recovery times. Thankfully, through the advancements made in medical science, individuals can now overcome the signs of aging with laser blepharoplasty. This procedure gives superior results, just like the traditional scalpel procedure but does not cause as much pain and greatly reduces the recovery time.

Patients are put to sleep with general anesthesia so they remain perfectly still during this delicate procedure and do not feel any pain. This helps to ensure the procedure is carried out safely and effectively so the desired results can be obtained.

The incisions made with the laser are much more precise than with a scalpel. The incisions can be artfully hidden in the natural folds of the eye for a beautiful look. Most patients are able to go back to their normal level of activity within about a week.

What Does Laser Blepharoplasty Treat?

This procedure helps to treat a few different types of eye conditions that can make a person look older, less alert, and tired. The following are some of the corrections that can be made with the laser.

  • Reduction of eye wrinkles
  • Reduction of eye bags
  • Elimination of tired eyes
  • Brightening of the appearance
  • Elimination of excess skin in the eye area

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